4 (Not Basic) Ways to Style a Plain Gray Tee

Gray and solid doesn’t have to mean boring. Here are four on-trend ways to style a basic gray t-shirt.


1. With biker shorts

Biker shorts have been all the rage in the athleisure scene lately, and for good reason—they’re sporty, comfortable, and oh-so-versatile. Piggybacking off the success of their older cousins, spandex shorts and leggings, biker shorts are loved for their snug yet relaxed fit, making them the perfect choice for turning heads even on a day off. To really make your biker shorts pop when paired with a plain gray tee, go for styles with trendy prints or interesting form details. Complete the look with a clean pair of sneakers for a casual day on the town.


2. Knotted

Knotting is the perfect way to turn an otherwise bland t-shirt into an instant fashion statement. The knotted tee says, “I’m casual, but edgy and fun too.” Simply take the bottom hem of your shirt and tie it around itself in a small knot, and boom—you’ve taken your outfit from drab to fab in under ten seconds. The top in this look really makes the statement, so feel free to throw on your favorite black leggings and you’ll be good to go. For a nice relaxed fit, make sure to use a t-shirt a size up from what you normally wear.


3. With joggers

Joggers hit their peak popularity a few years ago, but that doesn’t mean we’ve forgotten about them. Slightly more polished than sweatpants and looser than leggings, joggers sit comfortably at the intersection of sporty and chic. When wearing a black pair of joggers with your gray tee, we recommend using your shoes to add a nice pop of color. If you decide to go with a colored jogger, like olive green or maroon, plain black or white sneakers are probably your best bet to finish the outfit off.


4. With printed leggings

With gray t-shirts we’re always going for a more basic look, but pairing them with a plain pair of black leggings is just a little too underwhelming for most. Enter, printed leggings. With prints, you can keep all the comfort of a classic black legging without sacrificing any style. Choose a print that you love to spice things up a bit, and then draw the outfit back together at the bottom with a pair of solid-colored sneakers. 

Here's to keeping things cute and casual! If you don't already own the comfiest gray tee ever, get one here.


With love,

Elle & Anther


"Girls just wanna have fun."  — Cyndi Lauper

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