The Complete 2023 Athleisure Style Guide: 7 Trends You Need to Know

We all know how important style is to look and feel our best, which is why athleisure has become one of the biggest trends for women in recent years. With 2021 marking a major shift towards comfort-focused attire, the world has seen a huge uptick in casual active fashion that don’t predict will be stopping any time soon. We're excited to round up all the must-have athleisure looks that will be dominating your closet in 2023 so you can stay ahead of the curve each season. From cozy classic staples to statement pieces and everything in between, get ready as we dive into The Complete 2023 Athleisure Style Guide and the biggest street style trends you’ll be seeing this year.

1. Soft girl aesthetic

Heavily inspired by Cassie from the hit TV show Euphoria, this trend embraces soft neutral and pastel colors to create a look that is easy on the eyes and unmistakably feminine. 'Soft Girl' is the new way to rock gentle colors in all their glory—an effortless mix between girly and chic, sweet natured and seductive.

Combining sweet and feminine shapes and textures will be sure to bring out your inner soft girl. To incorporate more of this style into your athleisure wardrobe, we recommend starting with a muted color palette of pinks, blues, whites, or any other pastel shades that you love. Look for light jackets and hoodies, tennis skirts, crop tops, wide leg jeans, and breezy layers to give off that dreamy vibe everyone loves. Feminine prints like butterflies, tie dye and clouds also work perfectly with this aesthetic if you want to add more texture to your outfit. Finish off this iconic style with some chunky white sneakers to create the perfect blend of comfy with a hint of sass!


2. Matching sets

Matching sets have come to define athleisure style in the last few years, and for good reason. This trend is the perfect mix of comfort and style—allowing you to look fashionable without having to sacrifice comfort. And it seems several fashion houses agree, as there has been a noticeable influx of new matching set designs released over the past several years. Whether you prefer sports bra and legging duos, sweatshirt ensembles, or other two-piece combinations, these trendy options are sure to offer a vibe that falls somewhere between casual and pleasantly fashion-forward. 

3. Bigger pants

The versatility of fashion is truly remarkable. Just when we think we've seen it all, out comes a new trend that completely revitalizes a classic look. That's why it's no surprise that the Y2K and early 2000s trend is making waves yet again twenty years later. Our modernized iteration comes with boot cut, wide leg, parachute pants, and other versions of the baggiest oversized bottom garments you can imagine. Celebrities and influencers alike are embracing this nostalgic throwback style with open arms. So say goodbye to your skinny jeans; there's a new boss in town—the '00s baggy pant!


Ava Ribbed V-Neck Bralette


4. Bras as shirts

The concept of wearing bras as shirts has been around for several years and doesn’t appear to be going anywhere anytime soon. We can all thank style icons like Rihanna and Kim Kardashian who have made it acceptable to rock out at the club or on the street with an exposed bra. Women everywhere feel empowered by this trend, taking their comfort levels to daring new heights. This style creates such an easy way to remain casual while spicing up your outfit—take your favorite sports bra or bralette, layer it with an open blazer or cardigan, and you're instantly ready to hit the town looking stylish. Better yet, bras come in endless colors and styles—lace, satin and strappy designs that can easily be adapted for any look.



5. Crop tops

For the ladies who feel confident showing a little bit more skin, crop tops are the perfect way to put your outfit squarely at the intersection of comfortable and trendy. The beauty of this style lies in its versatility—you can rock a cropped baby tee, tank top, or sport a cropped jacket or hoodie for a look that’s stylish but not overly revealing. Crop tops can also be dressed up with high-waisted jeans or a skirt for an upscale casual look or dressed down with joggers and sneakers for a cool weekend vibe.



6. Tennis skirts and dresses

The trend of workout skirts and dresses has definitely been on the rise in recent years, with boutique fitness studios spurring women to work up a sweat in style. In 2023, however, we can expect this trend to become even more directly inspired by the world of professional tennis —which is no surprise given its casually elegant reputation. Whether it's a flirty mini tennis skirt or a classic active dress, designers will be finding inventive ways to emulate the sartorial style of icons like Serena Willams with apparel that promises comfort and performance simultaneously. 


7. Jumpsuits and unitards

As with countless trends before it, the recent wave of one-piece clothing appears to be more than just a passing fad. Those who love activewear are quickly embracing this stylish and convenient attire - from sleek full-length bodysuits to bold biker unitards. The unifying theme throughout is simplicity: one piece of clothing makes getting dressed easy and effortless. Because of its potential for long-term staying power, sports fashionistas everywhere can look forward to showing off their unique approach to the trend for many years to come.


8. 90s revival

With the rise of '90s nostalgia, there has been a commensurate reappearance of activewear from that era. As more and more millennials reach maturity, an interest in revisiting the trends of their childhood is growing. It's hard to miss loud patterns and bright colors as they make their casual comeback throughout the exercise community; it is almost certain that throughout 2023, loud colors and high-waisted spandex shorts will be de rigueur in gym classes. Throw in chunky socks or a colorful headband and you’ll have the full '90s experience all over again. It should be no surprise that this style of sports clothing has seen resurgence—after all, who doesn't like a fun bit of nostalgia while they work up a sweat?

Get ahead of the trends by familiarizing yourself with what’s to come in athleisure fashion. By understanding these 7 upcoming trends, you can be sure that your style is up-to-date and on point for the year ahead. Stay ahead of the curve and shop these looks as they become more popular.

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